During the scene where Billy and Frank are talking, Jack Nicholson felt that he wasn’t “intimidating” enough. Director Martin Scorsese reveals that the next day, Nicholson shocked everyone on set by deviating from the script and pulling out a weapon to frighten his co-star and provoke a genuine reaction. Scorsese says, “He pulled a gun on him. He didn’t tell me he had a gun. It was great… Leo’s reaction is real-time. I still get chills… It’s so real to me.” Of the incident, Dicaprio says, “It was one of the most memorable moments of my life, as far as being an actor is concerned.”


Tyler Forest-Hauser
Victoria, BC
Apple iPhone 4S

What made you prioritise using an iPhone to capture images, rather than a camera?

The biggest and most obvious reason for choosing to use an iPhone instead of a dedicated DSLR, for instance, is that it’s simply all I own. My uncle so graciously gave me his old Canon 20D but it needs some work (and some investment in CF cards, batteries and such) so I’ve stuck with my trusty iPhone 4S.

I started out taking photos with my iPhone 4 a few years back but once I got my 4S, it became pretty clear I could get away with it, at least for the time being, until I could invest in a “proper” camera. Another reason for prioritising the iPhone over a dedicated camera is the whole sharing aspect. I can’t help but enjoy the convenience of having my photos immediately available for editing and sharing.

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